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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my order? 

Due to the impact of the pandemic, all orders, custom & in-stock items, may take 3-6 weeks  to ship. Your turnaround time will also depend on what you are ordering.  We might be able to accommodate a one-week turnaround time on many items. It is best to contact us to inquire when requesting a shorter lead time.  We humbly apologize for any extended lead times. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult period. 


Can your shipping address be different than your billing address?

You can certainly have your order shipped to a different address versus your billing address. Please make sure to complete the information correctly and completely to avoid any delays or errors. 


Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we are reviewing this due to the high cost of shipping internationally. We can ship via International Priority Mail, however, the estimated cost is over U.S. $100.00.


How is shipping calculated?

We will pay for FREE standard shipping (first class or Priority Mail) for orders of $100.00 or more.


For orders under $100.00, FREE standard shipping is only $10.00 for first class or Priority Mail.

NOTE:  The "CODE" will override the above $10.00 charge.

For expedited orders under $100.00, depending on the lead time and turnaround time, you will have the option to upgrade your shipping to Priority Mail Express service for just $30.


For expedited orders of $100.00 or more, depending on the lead time and turnaround time, you will have the option to upgrade your shipping to Priority Mail Express service for just $20.

NOTE:  The "CODE" will override the above $20.00 or $30.00 charge.


Payment Methods?

1) Pay with your Zelle account. Use either: OR 510.508.0880. 

2) Pay with Venmo using our QR code. 

3) Pay with PayPal using our QR code. 

4) Pay with any major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, Diners, CUP, JCB and Maestro at the checkout page.

5) Request an invoice be sent to you via our Square system. You can enter your credit card information OR your bank information for debits. 

​6) Apply Pay at checkout page. Not yet available through Wix mobile apps.


What is your return policy?

Custom Made / Special Orders 
Due to the nature of custom order jewelry and special orders, there are No Exchanges, No Refunds, No Cancellation and No Merchandise Credits. 


Non-Custom Merchandise 
Non-custom Merchandise may be exchanged or used as a Merchandise Credit provided: 
1. Request is made within 30 (thirty) days. 
2. Exchange/Credit request is accompanied by all original receipts and documents, including sales incentives and promotions. 
3. Merchandise is in new condition.  


How do I size myself for a Hawaiian Bracelet?

Hawaiian Bracelet sizing is measured in inches.  Normally, most bracelets are 7.5 inches. However, we can make your bracelet smaller or larger in increments of .25 inches. Please watch the video instructions to determine your bracelet size at home on the left if viewing on a computer or at the bottom of the page if viewing from mobile phone.


Do you offer any layaway programs?

We accept layaway orders for a maximum of 3 months - 50% down and then 3 equal payments. Please call, text or email us so we can further assist you with the details of your layaway order.


Can I make changes to my order? 

Once an order is started, it rarely can be changed.  If we can accommodate the change, there will probably be additional charges based on what the changes are.


Will the black enamel lettering come off?

Yes, eventually the black enamel can wear off. If you remove your Hawaiian heirloom jewelry before taking your shower, bath, before washing dishes, before going into the jacuzzi or spa, then your enameling will last much longer.  We do understand that the enameling can possibly come off even if you are careful.  Hence, we will charge you a nominal charge for shipping, handling, and insurance. If the Hawaiian heirloom jewelry was not made by us, there will be an additional charge per letter or for the black borders, etc.


Can my Hawaiian bracelet or ring be resized?

Yes, Hawaiian heirloom rings and bracelets can be resized and re-engraved. With gold Hawaiian heirloom jewelry, you can barely see where it was repaired. With sterling silver Hawaiian heirloom jewelry, there may be a slightly different shade of gray where the solder was added, but normally, this is only seen on the inside of the jewelry.


Do you repair jewelry not from Classic Hawaiian Designs?

Yes, our factory can help you with most repairs. It will depend on the quality of your Hawaiian heirloom jewelry to be repaired, the weight and how damaged it is. Please email us with pictures of your jewelry you would like repaired:

Feel free to contact us via email: or text/phone: 510.508.0880 PST. We are here to help you! 

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